Mini-Conference Reflection

Frederick Douglass and His Two Wives

Our MA English Modernities Mini-Conference took place last Thursday, 6th April 2023 at UCC. What a fantastic day it was. As I had to present my own presentation via teams from home, I followed on Twitter so I could keep up with everything going on. As there was a technical issue with sound, it was brilliant to have the Twitter platform to understand the presentations!

So I was able to successfully present, even though I could not hear what was going on myself!! But no worries, thanks to great support and facilitation from Maureen and Hanke, I was able to do my presentation hassle free! So many thanks for their great efforts and patience with me!! Plus a problem with uploading my presentation, for some unknown reason my lap top decided to block it!! ?? who knows about technology, I feel it takes me over at times. Once again, a quick email to Maureen, Hanke ran it for me, and it went well. I was beginning to really panic by now, as I was really concerned about timing and when to start. With Pecha Kucha each slide is 20 seconds, with 20 slides, so I could not be late starting!! A second maybe, but I just went for it!

Gracie, my dog who I think you are all familiar with my now, was great. She sat down beside me, did not bark or jump up or put her head into the lap top like she sometimes does! So happy days.

My presentation overall went ok. However, on reflection there are things I would have done differently. My theme on the slides, I think was a little dramatic, plain slides may have been better. I could get a good view of them on Twitter afterwards, so this may be a point to bear in mind in the future. One other thing, with Pecha Kucha, a lot of dates and complicated political organization names are not really the thing to talk them through. It would have been better to put these on the slides and then talk about them. I will note this in future.

I am glad that I presented on a topic I not only enjoy discussing, but that I feel passionately about. The history of slavery is the most horrendous human rights violations of all times and must never be forgotten. I was pleased to highlight one of the great campaigners and abolitionists of all times, Frederick Douglass.

Once again, my great thanks to Maureen and Hanke!!

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